ESS supports Humble ISD campuses serving over 3000 students with special needs. This support extends to hundreds of teachers, support staff and administrators across 42 campuses, who are trained in best practices for assessment, program implementation and compliance with federal and state regulations.

Support includes face to face trainings, job alike meetings, peer support meetings, outside consultants, online trainings, technical support and parent training. ESS coordinators and facilitators provide additional support specific to program needs.

 Educational Support Services is committed to the following goals.
  • Collaborating with community and family partners to build long term relationship in support of students with disabilities.
  • Engaging in activities that develop, support and attain compliance standards mandated by federal, state and local entities.

  • Implementing research based curriculum, assessment and instructional practices across the district including core components of progress monitoring, interventions and data driven decisions.  Inclusionary practices will be a natural part of our culture leading to improved student outcomes in academics, behavior social skills and post secondary goals.

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