• Dear Humble ISD Community:

    Our community is blessed to be rich with givers. . . givers of both time and resources for children. The successful annual fund campaigns at several Humble ISD schools are great examples of this community strongly demonstrating their support of our students.

    It was only three short years ago that Creekwood and Riverwood Middle School and Kingwood Park High School made the decision to move from traditional third-party fundraising efforts that require students to sell items to raise money for the school to an annual fund model where parents are asked for direct support in the form of a tax deductible donation. After experiencing great success with this model and hearing how parents have embraced this type of fundraising, several other campuses have since followed.

    In utilizing an annual fund model, schools fundraise with philanthropy at the center of parent, grandparent, and community giving. The school’s annual fund committees and campus leadership work in collaboration with the Humble ISD Education Foundation to manage these campaigns so that donors are treated with respect and receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.

    I encourage you to learn more about how parents are changing fundraising in Humble ISD and consider supporting your child’s school annual fund. If your child’s school does not currently have an annual fund, reach out to the principal or to Jerri Monbaron, Executive Director of the Education Foundation, to discuss how this successful fundraising model can get started at your school too.


    Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Guy Sconzo