Humble ISD 2016-2017 Annual Compliance Courses
will be active in Eduphoria! starting July 1, 2016 
and will be available until TBD.

Please note that this year's compliance courses are working best in Google Chrome.
To open Eduphoria in Chrome, find the logo shown above on your desktop or in your Start menu.
Enter the following URL into the browswer:
Your Eduphoria username is your full GroupWise email address.  Your password is a unique password that you created.
If you need your password reset, please email us at
This year, each employee will only need to take one (1) compliance course.
All of the necessary components for that employee's job duties are included in that one compliance course.
If you need any assistance in taking the annual compliance courses, please follow these steps:
1) Go to the Humble ISD Professional Learning Department webpage at:
2) Come to one of our Compliance Course help sessions at the ISC computer labs:
TBD  from 4:30 - 6:00 (come and go sessions)
3) Contact your campus or building IT.
5) Please do NOT put in a Heat Ticket for Eduphoria questions or concerns. 

Annual Compliance Courses do not count towards compensatory time. 

Please note the following troubleshooting helpful hints:

- After registering for the eCourses, you need to access them through your portfolio to view content.
- When you click "View", it will pop up a new window. 
Sometimes this window pops up behind your current window.
- You must view all content, pass all assessments, and click through all of the blue arrows at the top right in order to received the button that says, "Request Credit".
- You must click "Request Credit" to earn credit.
- You do NOT need to print any certificates.  Eduphoria stores all of your credit in your portfolio. The forms you fill out within the compliance courses are sent to a spreadsheet in Google Docs.

When you have successfully completed all portions of the eCourse, you will go into your portfolio and click on the course.

Your eCourse pops up as a new window; you may need to close or minimize this window to return to your portfolio.
You will then select the Request Credit Button:
If you do not see the request credit button,
please look for a few of the common issues listed below.
Course not completed:
The green check mark next to the course chapter indicates that you have completed that portion.
The section with the pencil indicates that you have started that portion, but have not completed it.
The section with only the globe indicates that you have not started that portion of the course.
You will not be allowed to Request Credit until all chapters show a green check mark.
You must go through each portion of the course and complete all requirements in order for the Request Credit button to appear.
Credit denied:

If you did not score a satisfactory percentage on the assessment or assessments, you will see the Request Credit button.
However, after you click it, it will change to Retake Course.
You will need to click on Retake Course in order to clear your results and start the course over again for credit.
Please note that if you unregister for an eCourse, all of your content and assessments will be lost.
This cannot be retrieved and you will need to re-register for the course and complete all components again in order to earn credit.
You should only unregister for an eCourse if you do not plan on completing the course
or if you accidentally registered for the incorrect course.
If you have completed all components correctly, checked each of these common issues, and still cannot access the Request Credit function, then please contact your Campus Eduphorian or the District Eduphorian.

To access Annual Compliance eCourses:
Click on the above course link or Login to Eduphoria! and select eCourses
eduphoria  eCourses