Humble ISD 2016-2017 STANDING COMMITTEES of the Board

The Superintendent, Senior Staff and Cabinet are responsible for the effective, efficient and accountable administration of the District. This responsibility includes requirements for educational program and curriculum management, staff and student development and assessment, data-driven decision making, sound financial management, maintaining an effective system of internal control, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. The Board of Trustees directs the Superintendent in these matters through establishing Board policy.

Board Committees assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities related to the administration of the District. The Board President routinely visits with each Committee Chair and the Superintendent and those discussions determine when the committee’s work is scheduled for a Board workshop or meeting.

Audit Committee | Board and Superintendent Evaluation Committee |  Building and Planning Committee
Finance Committee | Legislative Committee Program Evaluation Committee | Technology and Data Governance Committee | Additional Representations


  Audit Committee Back to Top  
Purpose: To assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to the integrity of the District’s financial statements, the system of internal control, the independence and performance of the external and internal audit functions, and the District’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Trustees appointed to the Audit Committee for 2016-2017:

Charles Cunningham (Chair)
Heath Rushing
Brent Engelage
Scope of Work
  • To assist the Board of Trustees in carrying out their responsibilities as it relates to the District's accounting policies, internal control, and financial reporting practices.
  • To review the internal audit department's objectives, progress, and goals, and to review significant audit findings.
  • To ensure that the Internal Audit Charter is periodically reviewed and updated where appropriate.
  • To maintain lines of communication between the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent, and the District's external auditors, internal auditors, and financial management.
  Board and Superintendent Evaluation Committee  Back to Top
Purpose: Develops with the Superintendent and recommends to the full Board annual goals and targets for the Superintendent and the annual evaluation instrument and contract considerations to be considered for the Superintendent. Develops and conducts annual Board self-evaluation

Trustees appointed to the Board and Superintendent Evaluation Committee for 2016-2017: 
Angela Conrad (Chair)

Keith Lapeze
Robert Sitton

  Building and Planning Committee  Back to Top
Purpose: Reviews and vets all Support Services Board agenda items prior to presentation to the full Board. Reviews and provides guidance on all planned bond projects, including facility renovations, new campuses and land acquisitions.

Trustees appointed to the Building and Planning Committee for 2016-2017:
Brent Engelage (Chair)

Charles Cunningham
Robert Sitton

Scope of Work
  • Reviews and provides guidance related to short term and long term facility needs and projects.
  • Reviews contracts related to land purchases, leases, or sells.
  • Reviews architectural plans related to new construction and renovations.
  • Reviews recommendations and/or serves on the selection committee for professional services related to facility improvements and construction.
  • Reviews all building and planning recommendations before they are presented to the Board of Trustees

  Finance Committee  Back to Top
Purpose: To assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to the District’s fiscal stability and financial planning. The Board Finance Committee is responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the District’s mission, strategic goals and values.

Trustees appointed to the Finance Committee for 2016-2017:
Heath Rushing (Chair)

Charles Cunningham

Nancy Morrison

Scope of Work
  • Reviews all staff work related to annual budget development process prior to presentation to full Board.
  • Reviews all bond funding work prior to the Superintendent making recommendations to the full Board. 
  • Annually reviews Finance regulations (CABR pages 238-273) for Debt Management, Post Issuance Compliance, Capital Improvement Program, Capital Assets Accounting and Financial Reporting, and School Properties Disposal. Additionally, reviews investments policy and strategies.
  Legislative Committee  Back to Top
Purpose: Works with Superintendent and staff to develop legislative positions and actions to inform state and federal elected officials of educational needs and impacts. Establishes and works with District Legislative Committee to inform and engage parents and community members in the state and federal legislative process.

Trustees appointed to the Legislative Committee for 2016-2017:
Nancy Morrison (Chair)

Angela Conrad

Keith Lapeze

Scope of Work
  • Represents Board on Lake Houston Area Chamber/City of Humble alternate year legislative trips to Austin and Washington, DC.
  • Reviews and discusses all legislative committee related Board agenda items prior to presentation to the full Board.
  • Prepares the District Legislative Goals

  Program Evaluation Committee  Back to Top
Purpose: Monitors the systematic review of existing and proposed district-wide programs related to student achievement for effectiveness and efficiency. Provides reports and recommendations to the Superintendent and the full Board regarding district-wide program implementation, improvement and revision. 

Trustees appointed to the Program Evaluation Committee for 2016-2017:
Robert Sitton(Chair)

Keith Lapeze
Nancy Morrison

  Technology and Data Governance Committee  Back to Top
Purpose: Monitors and reviews all technology projects and overarching Technology Plan for the District. Monitors and ensures law and policy compliance and secure data collection and storage for the District. Vets all Technology Division Board agenda items prior to presentation to the full Board.

Trustees appointed to the Technology and Data Governance Committee for 2016-2017:
Angela Conrad (Chair)

Brent Engelage

Heath Rushing

Additionally,Trustees have been appointed to represent the Board in the following areas:
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Humble ISD Education Foundation Board
Charles Cunningham
Kingwood Super Neighborhood Council
Brent M. Engelage

Texas Association of School Boards Delegate and Alternate to Annual Meeting
Delegate: Brent Engelage

First Alternate: Heath Rushing