How is Humble ISD performing as a district on meeting goals?

Like all school districts in Texas, Humble ISD receives ratings from the Texas Education Agency under the Accountability Rating System. For 2015, all schools in Humble ISD met standard on all indexes measured by the state. All districts in Texas also must complete a community-based evaluation of schools in nine areas related to community and student engagement.

While this provides valuable information, the Board of Trustees and Superintendent are committed to going beyond state requirements. Humble ISD is dedicated to continuous improvement and being a premier district in the region, state and nation.

With this vision, Humble ISD partnered with Studer Education to implement an evidenced-based leadership framework that produces measureable results, accountable leaders and a culture of excellence in all schools and departments. Through the district’s work with Studer Education, a district Strategic Improvement Plan Scorecard has been created to transparently communicate goals and metrics, progress-monitoring measures, and aligned strategic actions.

The Scorecard includes four areas: Student Achievement, Service, People, and Finance.


Superintendent Evaluation
The Board of Trustees annually evaluates the Superintendent. Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, the evaluation is based upon how well the district meets goals as reflected on the Strategic Improvement Plan scorecard. The Board of Trustees 2015-2016 Superintendent’s evaluation form.