Creekwood Middle School

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Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Cheer Squads

8th Grade Squad

Janie Lynn Byrge

Isabella Extra

Madison Gantt

Sofia Garcia 

Victoria Golden

Lauren Gray

Kendal Keating

Piper Lallier

Paige McWilliams

Kaylayn Moderow

Leah Plowman

Shelby Rittgers

Anna Rossen

Cami Schoettlin

Brooke Searcy

Lexi Stewart

Lilly Van Meter

Makenzie Vance

Evie Wells

Bethany Whitaker 

7th Grade Squad

Ariana Barela

Emma Barron

Jenni Byrge

Angelica Cavazos

Isabelle Clay

Natalie Donahue

Isabella Garcia

Kelsie Grassman

Rylee Kelly

Madison Kerr

Nicole Kirsch

Sarah Lopez

Madeline McLean

Sophie OCampo

Jennah Pope

Camrin Porten

Ilah Prochaska

Ashlee Rhodes

Claire Riggle

Zoe Siega

Rylie Templeton

Kendall Traylor



8th Grade

Sean Parker

Beck Parnham

Madeline Welch