Special Education

Special Education Services
STEPS+ Program
Pam Norris, Andrea Maddox
The Steps Plus Program is a Pre-Kindergarten inclusion program designed to teach and develop social skills, pragmatic language, behavior readiness and pre-kindergarten academic skills. These skills are taught through direct instruction and active learning through the use of play centers, structured small groups, large group, and participation in the kindergarten classroom for inclusion. The curriculum that we use for social skills is Incredible Years (Dinosaur School). This curriculum consists of direct instruction from the teacher with puppets, role play and video modeling. For pre-kindergarten academics we use the Frogstreet Press and Every Day Counts calendar math. These are taught through direct instruction from the teacher and then implemented throughout our daily centers. The program is made up of both general education and special education students. The identified special education students are ARDed through our district and the general education students are tuition paid employee children. The hours for the tuition paid students are 7am to 4:45 pm. The special education students come for the ARDed time. What is unique about the Steps Plus program is that it includes an in-home parent training piece where the teachers go into the student's home once a week to generalize skills that are taught in the classroom. We also go into the community to assist daycare centers in supporting our students. This is the second year that we are piloting this program and have seen an incredible amount of success with both our general education and special education students. We plan to continue developing and growing this program in hopes of expanding into the community.
SPEAK Social
Ana Rivas, and Courtney Rausin
Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities
Like STEPS Plus, this program uses Frogstreet Press and Every Day Counts calendar math for pre kindergarten academics. This class serves students with more complex needs and with higher assistive technology needs (sensory impaired, multiply disabled, and medical needs). There is an A.M. and P.M. class. Students are provided with differentiated instruction in all developmental domains. We work as a team with parents, caregivers, and related services to provide for their communicative, academic, cognitive and social success in the least restrictive setting. Lessons are aligned with the Pre-K TEKS but at the prerequisite level. This class focuses on more functional needs such as: self help, toileting, total communication, sensory integration (includes feeding), motor activities, and more. Students get to be part of both large group and individual instruction. Centers are set up to help students generalize a skill beyond a simple activity, practice current skills, and introduce new skills. The teachers in this class also perform home visits to monitor progress, but it is not integrated into the program as it is with STEPS. Students with an identified disability and/or developmental delay are eligible for services beginning on their third birthday, regardless of when their birthday falls within the school year. Some children identified with specific disabilities, i.e.visual or auditory impairment, are eligible for services at birth.
 Life Skills
This program serves students with high medical needs as well as sensory impaired. Our program is an integrated program with related services. We use positioning, assistive technology, sensory integration, and speech in each activity. We use several methods of instruction for our students. this includes direct instruction in large/small groups in the areas of math (Equals and Every Day Counts), RELA (Melville to Weville), and the principals of active learning (Functional Schemas, activities developed for visually impaired/blind, and multiply disabled). The primary goal is to : Prepare the student to work, live and function in the community as independently as possible. We place emphasis on functional everyday activities that include self help, gross motor, communication, pre-vocational, and recreational/leisure. We work to meet the TEKS at a prerequisite level. This means we relate functional activities to the core curriculum of math, science, social studies, and RELA. For example, a student learning to navigate the halls would have a goal under social studies, switch work/cause effect under math, and communication could fall under communication or RELA, and self-help in science. Due to the student's medical needs, there is a break at lunch time where students practice independent leisure activities that allow them down time. Also activities that are fun and less taxing are built in to give student breaks. We do home visits 1-2 times a year during parent conference times. We also have some students who receive home bound services and we work with the home bound teachers to provide ideas and support for those students. This also includes a home visit that usually takes place during the scheduled instruction time at the students home.
Intervention and Resource
Sandra Rios and Brenda Lerma
This program works with students who are in the general education setting. The special education teachers work to create open communication and partnerships with the general education teachers to provide students with the means to be successful.
Changes in course content, teaching strategies, test presentation, location., timing, scheduling, student responses, or environmental structuring that do not substantially change the standard or expectation for student performance.
Changes in course content, teaching strategies, standards, test presentation, location, timing scheduling, expectations, student responses, or environmental structuring that do substantially change the standards or level of expectation for student performance.
Two teachers sharing instruction, planning, behavioral support, and grading for all students in a classroom.
In-Class Support
The provision of special education within the general education classroom for students with moderate to severe disabilities who are included and educated in the general education classroom 100% of the school day.
Special Education Pullout
The provision of special education services connected to content curriculum,, outside of the general education classroom for short periods of time.