Kindergarten Student Page

This webpage is designed for use by Kindergarten students 
in the Computer Lab Specials Rotation. 
Kindergarten classroom teachers please use:
Your students can access from the Student Tab: SuperSites: PreK/Kinder icon. 
Mouse Practice
 Bees & Honey  Mouse & Pointer  Big Brown Bear   Letter Tracing  Mouse Practice
red 1 red 2 red 3 red 4 red 5
 Bubble Wrap  Feed the Monster Counting Fish
This is Sand
Fuzz Bugs
red 6
red 8
red 9
red 10
Keyboarding Practice 
 Keyboarding Zoo  Cup Stacking  Keyboard Climb  Typing Adventure  Letter Bubbles
1 2 3 4 5
 Jump Key Typing Rocket Keyboarding Zoo 2 Copy the Letters  
6 7 8 9  
All About Me 
 Wants and Needs  Story Maker Fridge Magnets 
blue 1  blue 2 blue 3  blue 4